Medical Ambulance Services with A Difference.

We offer the best mobile  medical services in Lagos Nigeria for local and international patients, with a standard you can trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality in all medical evacuation and security services to our clients in a manner consistent with our core values of ISEC ; Integrity, Safety, Excellence and quality Care for human life.

Our Vision

The vision of our organization is to be the safest and most efficient provider of all medical and security services. We strive to provide the highest quality service adopting the most efficient and effective strategies.

Our Goals

Provision of Medical Evacuation services to safeguard the health of clients. To build good reputation in the field of medical tourism. To provide security evacuation services for companies in operating in unstable or conflict affected territories.

Who We Are

We are medical ambulance services, your number one option for urgent Medical needs anywhere in Nigeria. What happens when you are in urgent need of medical attention anywhere in Nigeria? It could be an accident, an emergency, or it could be anything else. Do you try to make it to the hospital despite the terrible traffic that Lagos, Nigeria boasts or do you choose the smart choice and contact Medical Ambulance Service Limited?

Our Services

Air Ambulance

We offer air ambulance services everywhere within Nigeria and abroad .  Our services involve an aircraft deployed to your requested location.

Ground Ambulance

We offer ground ambulance services everywhere within Lagos and other states in Nigeria. Our ground ambulance services are available everywhere in Lagos.  Using modern equipment, trackers, and GPS, our respondents can map out the best routes to be taken to offer the patient first aid services, stabilize the patient, and convey to the hospital for further medical treatment. 

Medical Equipment Supply

At Medical Ambulance Services, we supply various pieces of equipment to medical practitioners all around Nigeria. There are quite a number of important medical equipment that are needed but sadly, are unavailable or scarce in Nigeria.

Medical Tourism Services

At Medical Ambulance Services, we do more than offer ambulance services. We also offer medical tourism services. As with every other service we offer, you can be assured that the practitioners involved are fully dedicated to improving your health.  

Reverse Medical Tourism Services

While medical tourism services involve flying out of the country for medical services, our reverse medical services involve flying non- Nigerian citizens into Nigeria for medical help. Often times, patients in other countries desire to fly into Nigeria for medical treatment. We can make that happen.

Affiliates and Partners

We are affiliated to leading hospitals within Nigeria and around the globe (UAE, Isreal, India to mention a few) to provide the best medical facilities to your family, your workers, and yourself. Our medical experts will consult with your doctor, and analyze your medical situation, and recommend you to the best hospital or a doctor who specializes in treating your medical issue in particular. From that moment you relax while we do the rest. We will arrange all that is necessary to give you a comfortable, and healthy stay until you are brought back home strong, and healthy. We will arrange your medical trip, your stay in the hospital, doctors required, and all your needs throughout your medical trip.

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If you would like to get in touch with us or learn more about our services, you can call us +2348143470716 or +2347062025218.
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