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Reverse Medical Tourism Services

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At Medical Ambulance Services, we offer medical tourism services as well as reverse medical tourism services. 


Medical tourism services simply involve a patient leaving their country to another one in order to make use of their medical services. Medical tourism has become extremely popular especially when the patient suffers from a terrible illness that requires rigorous treatment or a technical and difficult surgery. If such a patient lives in a country that does not have the facilities needed to fully treat such illnesses, medical tourism is required. 

You can learn more about our reverse medical tourism services here.


While medical tourism services involve flying out of the country for medical services, our reverse medical services involve flying non- Nigerian citizens into Nigeria for medical help. Often times, patients in other countries desire to fly into Nigeria for medical treatment. We can make that happen.



At Medical Ambulance Services, our reverse medical services are designed for you; patients that do not live in Nigeria but would like to receive treatment here. We take over the planning and preparation for our clients to leave your home country and fly into Nigeria. Then, we make plans for you to receive medical treatment here. 

The specialist and doctors we have on our team will join hands with the travelling agents to create a flight plan and routine that works brilliantly for your health status and in no way aggravates the problem. 

It is important that your flight plan is devised by professionals for several reasons:

  • Your illness may not allow you to travel on regular flights
  • You may need to undergo tests to ensure that you can travel and if so, how you should travel to avoid worsening your situation
  • As you would be going to a foreign country, you would require advice from medical experts that you can trust on the medical experts to visit that would serve you best.
  • As a patient, you would require monitoring of your progress.
  • When treatment is done, you would need someone who is familiar with your medical history to organize your return trip

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