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Medical Equipments Supply

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At Medical Ambulance Services, we supply various pieces of equipment to medical practitioners all around Nigeria. There are quite a number of important medical equipment that are needed but sadly, are unavailable or scarce in Nigeria.

Medical Ambulance is aware of this and has sought to provide a solution to the problem. We supply various medical equipment all around the country. These instruments include (but are not limited to):

  • Blood transfusion equipment
  • Medical defibrillators
  • IV sets, bags, and armboards
  • Peripheral nerve stimulators
  • Cervical fusion kit
  • Capnograph
  • Electrosurgery devices and supporting equipment
  • Head straps and harnesses
  • Ventilators 
  • Hyperinflation systems
  • Surgical clips
  • Medical ultrasound machines
  • Syringes, cannulas, and needles – all sizes and types; including kits
  • laryngoscopes, laparoscopes, anascopes, proctoscopes, arthroscopes, sinuscopes, dematoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, sigmoidscopes, otoscopes, etc
  • retinoscopes, or colposcopes
  • Surgical clean-up kits
  • Patient wheelchairs, chairs, gurneys, stretchers, mats, and cots
  • Tissue Stabilizer, surgical revascularization
  • Ear syringes
  • X-ray machines
  • Limb prosthesis devices
  • Orthopedic supports, braces, wraps, shoes, boots, or pads
  • Microplate readers/washers
  • Urinalysis analyzers
  • Light microscopes
  • Autoclaves for medical instrument sterilization and accessories
  • Carts: medical, medical utility, medical supply, food service, or hospital laundry carts
  • Intubation sets, probes and related equipment
  • Anaesthesiometers
  • Ear wax removers
  • Operating tables of various types and sizes
  • Patient transfer chairs, lifts, benches, boards, slides, discs, slings, and sheets
  • Catheters – all sizes and types; including kits
  • Coagulation machines
  • Cardiac programmer
  • Medical lavage systems
  • Endotrach tubes
  • Anesthesia circuits
  • Surgicalface or dust masks
  • Masks with respirators
  • Electrocardiography machines
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Cardiopulmonary oxygenation systems, devices, and monitors
  • Cardiac monitors, implantable or external
  • Dental instruments 
  • etc


At Medical Ambulance Service, we supply the above listed equipment and many more on request to our clients.


Our equipments are quality, original, and durable: Every piece of equipment we supply carries our mark of quality and durability. We ensure that our equipment are quality ones. 

We are doctors ourselves: As licensed and experienced doctors, we know the best tools. Consequently, you can trust our picks. 

We deliver within the required time: Time is essential when dealing with health. We understand this as much as you and so we deliver within the required time.


Talk to our experts

If you would like to get in touch with us or learn more about our services, you can call us +2348143470716 or +2347062025218.
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