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Air Ambulance

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We offer air ambulance services everywhere within Nigeria and abroad .  Our services involve an aircraft deployed to your requested location.


Speedy Responses: Because of the nature of the services that we offer, Medical Ambulance Services gives immediate response to distress calls. As soon as a call is made and details finalized, we immediately deploy and aircraft to your location. 


Professional Pilots: In order to serve you better, Medical Ambulance Services partners with only experienced and licensed pilots. This is because all trips must be safe and at the same time speedy in order to proffer solutions in time. 

Availability: Our medical services are available round the clock. Our lines are fully active 24 hours of the day. Similarly, we have multiple lines available to give you various channels to reach us.

Trained Operators: When a call is made to us, we understand the emotions and experiences that both the caller and patient are going through. Due to this, our lines are managed by medically literate and professional operators who are not only trained to manage situation, but also give calming responses. They are capable of giving you advice and can stay on the line with you pending the time that the aircraft reaches you.  

Professional, licensed, and experienced doctors: We offer professional, licensed, and experienced doctors during every step of the way. The doctors on the aircraft will administer first aid, stabilize, and give all urgent and necessary treatments. They will hand the patient over to doctors on ground, who are already waiting to commence the second stage of treatment. 

Medical equipment: Our aircrafts are filled with up top quality and up-to-date medical equipment. This allows our medical professionals to provide urgent and quality medical services. Each our of aircrafts is fully stocked and equipped to answer distress calls. 


Talk to our experts

If you would like to get in touch with us or learn more about our services, you can call us +2348143470716 or +2347062025218.
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